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Print Media Advertising

Newspaper, Magazine and Press Advertising

Print media continues to be one of the strongest and most credible forms of advertising. Newspaper advertisments apart from creating awareness, enhance reputation of a brand. Owing to their mass appeal and credibility, Print ads are widely preferred even in the age of digital and social media. Thus print media advertising continues to hold a large piece of the pie in most advertising campaigns.

Known as one of the oldest and most reputed print media agency of South India, ad bureau commands strong respect from publication and media houses across the country.

Media Buying

As a leading Media buying agency, adbureau is easily a market leaders in delivering the most competitive rates and most effective advertising spots across publications, OOH media, Events, exhibitions etc.

We identify the best timelines, across market segments and advertising medium to establish markets for reaching the target audience, and recommend the budget to achieve a the stated client’s goals.

Our Industry network and market intelligence gives us valuable insights about the changing trends, media discount, PR opportunities to enhance the ROI.

Thanks to our concerted efforts and over four decades of vintage, we possess extensive relationships that they can be leveraged with publishers across India, UAE, Singapore, UK, USA, Japan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and many more countries to provide clients with better rates and value-added placements.

Out Of Home Advertising

Newspaper, Magazine and Press Advertising

In financial year 2019, the revenue generated from out-of-home advertising across India amounted to over 34 billion Indian rupees. This is estimated to reach up to 52 billion rupees by financial year 2024 .

India has one of the world's fastest-growing out-of-home (OOH) advertising markets. Due to increase in infrastructure and construction activities in the country, more platforms are available for OOH advertising.

Ad bureau continues to expand its service offerings by entering the OOH space with a bang. It acquired the trolley advertising rights of Chennai international airport in 2016. Ad bureau presently is tied-up with multiple media owners across the country to offer premium advertising spots to advertisers on an on-demand basis across Indian airports, railway stations, Bus Shelters, Malls, National Highways etc.

  •   Trolley advertising
  •   LED Wall advertising
  •   Kiosks
  •   Balloon advertising
  •   Hoardings
  •   Totems
  •   Backlit Mobile Chargers

TV Commercials,
Coprorate Videos

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Having worked on multiple commercial large budget movies, adbureau is well placed to deliver on your TV commercials, Corporate video, Youtube video, Explainer video requirements